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Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by MommaJenny, Jul 31, 2017.

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    I enjoy meeting with other fellow believers during the week at their homes, and I also enjoy attending a church service on Sunday mornings.
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    That's a tough situation with a happy ending. I went through something similar with my husband. Well, actually, we're still kind of in the process of his healing, but we're making it work together and with the kiddo. I am confident that one of these days we will stumble upon the right spiritual group to become more involved again.
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    Spiritual abuse is a real problem that causes real damage. It's wisdom to stay away from groups and leaders who practice it, and be discerning when it comes to choosing people to fellowship and share your faith and life with. Don't give up looking; the people you're searching for do exist, and God will lead you to them -- as long as you don't allow yourself to continually wallow in self-pity and bitterness but sincerely seek to heal from your pain and mature beyond it.

    No church environment is ever going to be perfect or ideal; but as long as it's not actually damaging and is actually supportive and encouraging and helping you mature spiritually, then its value shouldn't be underestimated. It's 100% worth pursuing; whether that's in a formal church setting or some other structure that's less formal or rigid. I mean many churches in Africa meet outside under trees. Who cares? Just meet; anywhere, really. Help the poor in your community, and help one another in your faith journey.

    There are many Christian para-church organizations that do much work to help people in local communities. Those would be a great way to be involved in a very practical way. Because any healthy local church must by necessity reach out to its community and have outreach programs to support the poor and downtrodden. Our church is sponsoring an orphanage in Malawi which is making wonderful progress in helping many orphans and also helping local women learn sewing skills to get off the street and support themselves in a new life. We are also partnered with a local public school to help local students get back-to-school supplies and other necessities that they otherwise couldn't afford, because student homelessness and poverty because of parents' unemployment or whatever are a real issue around these parts. And so on and so forth. Any organization that has local churches working together, rather than competing against one another, to help the poor in their local community, is always worth connecting with.

    Just like your pain was caused by abusive people, so your healing will come by way of caring, kind and loving people who don't use Christ to build their own ego-based "ministry" to suck the soul from people (and their wallets, mostly), but who are actually following His commandments to care for the poor and for one another in real and practical ways.

    People being as they are, you're always going to have to learn to forgive and adapt and apply grace no matter where you find yourself, even among Christians. But those who truly follow Christ will always seek to build a healthy and supportive community. Such as we have here; even with all our flaws (of which I have many, but hey I'm human) this is a healthy group of strong believers who desire nothing more than to honor God and follow Christ; among ourselves and out in the real world where we actually live. We certainly have our differences and even strong disagreements, but because we all sincerely desire to follow the real Jesus and do things His way, He has been forging us into a healthy online community that's actually functional and productive and able to help others in their walk with Christ.
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    I have several Christian friends who I fellowship with, attend church at times, and do not belong to one congregation. I am not big on socializing-- I read somewhere that your friends are always more popular than you. That fits for me. I am friends with people who are good at making friends.
    Instead of ships passing in the night having no significance, I think of my interactions with people as always having a possibility of significance even if complete strangers-- Today I feel encouraged to look up someone who I lost touch with..a very old good friend. I believe it will happen.
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    Usually after morning studies at St. Mattress with Pastor Pillow. pi-in-face:D
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    That one's great too.
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    Thanks for your input, Dani. :) We have a very extensive history with a variety of churches in places throughout the world, both together and in our lives before we met, so we know exactly what we're looking for. I'm pretty much okay in my continuing search for knowledge, but it was my husband who had a very bad experience prior to when we met in 2008. He's more knowledgeable and passionate than many of the religious leaders I've met in my travels, so I keep teasing him and telling him he missed his calling and should have been a pastor. :p Anyway, in the meantime, we're conducting our business at home, but I do head out to the occasional service on my own.
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    Indeed. My wife suffered a lot for it. Many years later and because of good Christian friends and a psychologist who specialized in spiritual abuse, she's doing excellent.
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