The Hallel (The Praise)

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    The Hallel!
    (The Praise!)

    This poem comes because I was deeply moved by a vision that our wonderful friend, David Cloud, whose chat name is Cloudwalker, had. He shares the vision like this:

    “This is an idea that I have been toying with for some time. I am working on putting it in poetical form but so far it has resisted all my attempts. In any case here is the idea. It comes as a vision of heaven. I am in heaven and the heavenly choir and orchestra, of which I am a part, is waiting to start. I know that we are waiting for the director.

    As I look around the room I see Beethoven, Mozart and all the great classical composers. As I continue I start noticing others. There are country stars, and rock stars, and rap stars. In short there are representatives from every type of music there is. There are also represented every type of instrument, from drums to horn to strings. There is everything from zithers to guitars to shofars to digerydoos and every thing else you can name. There isn't a single way of making music (or anything that could be considered by anyone as music) that is not there.

    Just then the director steps up to the front. It is King David and he raises his baton and we begin, each of us playing and or singing in our own style. Instead of it sounding like a cacophony, like you would expect, it is the most beautiful thing you have ever heard.
    As suddenly as it started the music stops and we all turn to each other and start to exclaim ‘That's what we were trying to do all along while we were on earth.’ And then we start in playing and singing again and never stop.”

    David E. Cloud (Cloudwalker)

    I was deeply moved by the vision, and asked if it would be OK for me to help put it to poetry. He said, “I’d love it. I need a good writer!” The following poem, “The Hallel” (The Praise) is the result of our works.
    The Hallel
    (The Praise)

    The music of the trumpet sounds; clouds split before my eyes.
    Looking up, I see Lord Jesus coming through the skies.
    “Come home, my children, up to Heaven”, His powerful voice now cries;
    And then I see Him face to face as I begin to rise.

    The dead in Christ had gone before, their rising first had been;
    Then those who are alive in Him to Heaven are let in.
    Jerusalem, the Golden, shines brightly from within.
    The Lamb of God, its only light, that pierced the dark of sin.

    Before me stands the Throne of God, the Father in His place,
    With Jesus on the Right Hand, and the Spirit in His grace,
    “Welcome, child, for you are home; you ran and won the race.”
    I stand in silence and in awe before His Holy face.

    But then I look just to the side, and risers there I see.
    I ask, “Lord, tell me what these mean? What could their purpose be?”
    He says, “You hear the saints of old rejoice and worship Me?
    You, too, shall join the Heavenly Choir, and sing their songs of glee.”

    And rushing to the risers, I quickly take my stand,
    With organs and pianos there and harps and Heavn’s praise band.
    We all await direction, for one to take command
    To see who’d be the leader, who would raise his maestro hand.

    Then down the Holy Halls of Heaven comes a man forgiven and free!
    King David stands before us there, and said “Come praise the Lord with me!"
    The Psalmist Shepherd lifts his arms for everyone to see.
    He says, “God deserves music, so may there music be!”

    Although on earth we’d sung to God our hymns and songs of praises,
    We’d used such different words and tunes and instrumental phrases.
    We’d fussed at other’s words and tunes before their very faces.
    No wonder that sweet worship’s plan would seek more peaceful places!

    For though our styles are as different as the night is from the day;
    And so the instruments differ, there’s not a one left out.
    And with such varied styles and means, from classical to rap
    Cacophony should be the norm, yet harmony ensues throughout.

    I cringed and cowered as I thought about our offering,
    How could such different sights and sounds a hope of beauty bring?
    Here we are before the Lord, in Heaven with its King!
    How can we do Him justice as we start to play and sing?

    We join the mighty host of Heaven in honor of the King,
    The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, we bring Him offering!
    The harmony is awesome that we to Him now bring,
    So beautiful the praises that through the Heavens ring.

    Hallel, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord,
    For giving us salvation, For giving us Your Word,
    For giving us dear Jesus, and the greatest story heard
    From every fiber of ourselves, our very souls are stirred.

    And then we stand in silence as another voice we hear
    The Lord has joined our chorus and sings with notes so clear!
    The most glorious voice that ever was sings over His own with cheer!
    All doubts are gone, all sins forgiven, and banished is all fear.

    Hallel, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord,
    For giving us salvation, For giving us Your Word,
    For giving us dear Jesus, and the greatest story heard
    From every fiber of ourselves, our very souls are stirred.

    The King of Kings sings with us there, His servants, and His friends,
    We sing the Hallelujahs to the Lord, whose love just never ends.
    Each tongue confesses He is Lord, each knee before Him bends;
    The Lord Himself sings solo, but every voice there with Him blends!

    And then in stark amazement we in silence realize
    Though we expected cacophony a symphony does rise
    And O with joy unspeakable tears fill our grateful eyes.
    The Lord Himself brings music with ours to fill the skies.

    We look at each musician with amazement and with care,
    And for each other lift our hearts in love and grace and prayer;
    And ask a powerful question as we in worship share,
    Why could that oneness not be on earth? Tell me why was it not there?

    And then the answer comes to us straight from the Father’s throne,
    On earth you sought to honor me with your own power alone.
    You thought your music better than any other’s tone,
    You locked yourselves within yourselves outside true worship’s zone.

    I wanted so to sing with you, but you just would not hear;
    I showed how much I love you, and longed to bring you cheer!
    But now, My children you are home. You have no cause to fear!
    For I am worship’s Object, and you to me are dear.

    We sing with Him forever, our praises never cease!
    He has given us salvation! He brings prisoners release!
    No ending is there to His grace, for He holds Heaven’s keys!
    Eternity takes up the songs sung by the Prince of Peace!

    Joyful, we sing “Hallel, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord,
    For giving us salvation, For giving us Your Word,
    For giving us dear Jesus, and the greatest story heard
    From every fiber of ourselves, our very souls are stirred...
    Forever, and ever
    and ever
    and ever . . .”
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    Thanks for putting this up here. Didn't realize it wasn't here.
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    You're more than welcome, David! The Lord and you, my friend, were the ones who inspired it! Loved working with your vision.
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    Thanks for posting this Gracey! Glad you're here...

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