The 1st game you played ?

Discussion in 'Sports and Gaming' started by San, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Empire

    Empire New Member

    Can not remember the full details yet it was some cheap old games you know. Halo was an big first game that I got into and there are age of empire's then I did Ford racing, and I remember playing games on floppy disks
  2. MommaJenny

    MommaJenny Member

    If we're talking about video games, I remember having Intellivision around the time when Atari was big. That had all the usual suspects like Frogger, Pit Fall, the sports games, etc.
  3. פNIʞƎƎS

    פNIʞƎƎS Connoisseur of Memes Staff Member

    Finally. Someone else who had Intellivision.

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