How To Speak Parsonese

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    Don't blame me for this one. I think Cloudwalker wanted it to be posted...
    • Ain't = Is not.
    • All Mighty = God the Father
    • Alrighty = Okay, fine or well.
    • Brethren = Those fellow males who are Born Again Christians.
    • Betcha = I'd stake my life on it.
    • Born Again = Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.
    • Brother = See BRETHREN.
    • Brush Pile University = Old country term for finding a secluded place to learn from the Lord.
    • Bunch = Usually refers to a group or groups of people with a certain idea.
    • Cain't = See KAIN'T.
    • Contraption = A machine, most commonly used to define my computer or my car.
    • Consarn = An expression of disgust.
    • Cornbread and beans = A feast.
    • Dad Burn it = An expression of exasperation.
    • Dog Gone It = An expression of frustration.
    • Drekly = Directly or very soon.
    • Err = Error or having a misconception.
    • Finer than Frogs Hair = I'm doing well, thank you kindly.
    • Flop = A failure of some sort.
    • Folks = A term of endearment for a group or groups of people.
    • Fool = Someone who ain't got the sense God gave a goose.
      • Psalms 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
    • Fortnight = Two weeks, 14 days.
    • Gal = Usually referring to a younger Sister in Christ Jesus.
    • Get Right = Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. ie: Getting your heart right. (Ask the Parson about Getting Right.)
    • Handy as a Hay Rake = Useful.
    • Handy as a Hay Rake on mowing day = Really really useful.
    • Hankerin = A desire.
    • Holy Ghost Conviction = A strong belief given to us by the Holy Spirit of God.
    • Hunkey Dorey = Everything will work out fine.
    • Idiot = See FOOL.
    • Joy = A gift of the Holy Spirit. What we are supposed to have in our salvation. (No Joy??? Ask the Lord for it. He'll give it. See the Parson for details!)
    • Jerk = Junior Educated Rich Kid. A smarty pants.
    • Kain't = See CAIN'T. (Ever feel like you were running in circles?) Can't or unable to comply.
    • Keeled over = Past away, died, ceased to exist on this earth.
    • Knuckle Head = Someone who doesn't give much thought to situations or dilemmas. (Not meant in a derogatory or bad way.)
    • Larnin = Learning or education.
    • LOL = Laugh Out Loud, used in the chat to show something was funny.
    • Ma'am = A signification of respect towards a Sister in Christ Jesus. (Makes no reference to age.)
    • Master, the = The Lord Jesus Christ.
    • Nigh = Near or close.
    • No moss growin under my Feet = I am staying busy!
    • Now you're a cookin with butter = You have grasped the idea and you understand the situation.
    • Omni = All or every.
    • Papist = Someone who is a follower of the catholic pope.
    • Parson = Olde English term originally coined for a Baptist preacher.
    • Past Away = Usually referring to a Saint dying and going home to be with the Lord.
    • Pedo-Baptist = A denomination that practices infant baptism.
    • Plow Stuck in a Rut = Not feeling well or being depressed.
    • Plumb = Defiantly or right on the mark.
    • Prayer Warrior = A high office in the Parsons Corner Ministries. One who is entrusted with the prayer requests of others.
    • Quirky = Full of errors.
    • Rascal = Someone who is sneaky. Most times used as a jest or pun.
    • Reckon = To think or ponder on something.
      • Proof that the Apostle Paul was a Southerner. Romans 8:18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.
    • Roastnear = An ear of corn. Roasting Ear.
    • ROFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing, used in the chat to show something was extremely funny.
    • Rough Row to Hoe = Something hard to do.
    • Scallywag = Someone who isn't honest.
    • Sir = A signification of respect towards a fellow man. (Makes no reference to age intended.)
    • Sis = An acknowledgement of a Sister in Christ Jesus.
    • Sissy = An acknowledgement of a Sister in Christ Jesus.
    • Skin me alive = Reprimand.
    • Soder In = To take your time reaching a place or destination.
    • Spect = Expect, ie I expect.
    • Sure nuff = I agree with you.
    • Them Thar = Those over there or a certain group of items.
    • Uh-Oh = Signifies just realizing a problem.
    • Vittles = Derived from Olde English, Food.
    • Where the Bear Sits = This is where I am telling you I have a firm belief.
    • Whoops = Signifying a mistake was made.
    • Xtree = Extra or surplus.
    • Ya'll = Every one of you or all of you folks.
    • Younguns = Young ones, most folks younger than me.
    • You-uns = See YA'LL.
    • Zoo = What we used to have in the other forum!!! [​IMG]

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