Gloria to the King of Kings

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    Gloria to the Holy One!
    To the Father and His only Son
    And the the Holy Spirit who draws us near
    As Mary bears God’s Son in a manger
    Christmas comes down from Heaven tonight!

    Glory in the Highest to Emmanuel
    God with us! His great love tell!
    Christ in us who on Him believe
    The Hope of Glory now receive;
    Let Christmas be born in you tonight!

    Come with the shepherds to Bethlehem.
    Humbly bow and worship Him,
    Worship the Baby King of Kings.
    Sent from heaven, salvation He brings!
    Christmas begins with Christ tonight!

    Sing with the Angels the song they bring
    Glory in the Highest is the song they sing,
    Peace on earth, goodwill to men!
    Sing it over and over again!
    Christmas is born in Bethlehem!

    Sing with the Wise Men who traveled far
    Following that God-sent star
    That special star showed them the way
    To the Baby Jesus where their gifts they lay.
    Rich or poor Christ came for all!


    Sing, sing it over!
    Sing, sing it over !
    Gloria on High
    Goodwill to men
    Repeat the sounding joy
    Sing it over and over and over again!

    Yes, sing it ‘til the whole world hears:
    God’s forgiveness can conquer all fears!
    Jehovah is Salvation came down to earth
    Rejoice in His holy Christmas birth!
    God with us, Christ in us! Christmas is born again tonight!

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