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    There was a young man who was very much in love with the Lord and went about witnessing to everyone he came in contact with. He seemed to make little progress, but made a lot of people angry. He went and talked with his pastor and told him what was happening. The pastor told him the following story.

    There was this duck who walked in to the local hardware store, waddled up to the counter and asked " Got any duck feed ?" The manager said ,"No ,I do not have any duck feed". So the duck left. This went on for five days and finally the manager was just slap worn out with this duck.. so he said " Now for the past five days you have come in here asking for duck feed, you come back here tomorrow asking for duck feed, I will NAIL YOUR FEET to the floor."

    The duck left that day but returned at noon the next day ..waddled up to the counter and asked.."Got any nails ?" The manger said," No I do not have any nails !!" The duck looked up at him and asked.. "Got any duck feed?"
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    LOL. Never heard that one. Thanks for the chuckle.
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