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    Let's consider Cana for a moment. If not for one incident we would never have heard of it. But why did Jesus go to Cana in the first place? We all know what happened there but was that the reason that Christ went there?

    Christ went to Cana for one reason, He was invited. True, I think he knew what would happen, but basically, He went because He was invited. And I think that this tells us something about Christ. After all, who do you invite to a wedding? You ask people to come that will enhance the pleasure of the event. Who you don't ask are people that will kill everyone s enjoyment. In other words, you don't invite an "old fuddy-duddy." Which tells me that Christ knew how to enjoy Himself.

    One of my favorite pictures of Christ shows Him with his head thrown back laughing. I can't help but think that this was the way Christ really was. Serious when need be but with a smile always ready to pop through. The best portrayal of Christ I have ever seen portrayed Him this way.
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    Yeah, I've been to one Jewish wedding, and its not exactly a dour affair.

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