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  1. tango

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    Welcome to the Parson's Corner, a place for Christian fellowship online. Please take a moment to read the basic groundrules for the forum to avoid problems later. We've tried to keep them as short as possible.

    If you are not a Christian you are welcome to join us as long as you are willing to respect our faith. By all means ask questions, ask us to clarify what we believe the Bible has to say about anything, but if you're here to ridicule us or push your own agenda please save your time and ours and do it somewhere else. You are welcome to post anywhere on the board as long as you do so with respect for our faith. You don't have to believe that "God is" but the board isn't about promoting the idea that "God is not". If you have a specific question about our faith please post in The Christians Answer Section so we can identify and address your concerns. If you have a question about our faith as a result of another thread, it's better to post a new thread to ask than to derail the existing thread.

    If you are a Christian the code of conduct here is simple - be Christlike. If the other guy is being difficult, isn't seeing the point you're trying to make, is being argumentative, whatever, be Christlike in your response.

    Discussion is welcome here, questions are welcome, debate is welcome. We don't all have to agree but we can disagree without being disagreeable. By all means discuss the points someone is making but discuss the issues and not the people. For example "I think your views on the timing of the rapture are wrong because Revelation says..." is acceptable but "Oh, you're one of those nutjobs. I suppose you think the sun revolves around the earth as well" is not. If we disagree the goal should be to find the truth rather than to win the argument at all costs.

    If you regard something as being unacceptable don't respond in kind, click the "Report to moderator" link and let us deal with it.

    Mods and admins are easy to spot - we've got an appropriate title under our name. Any posts we make are as regular forum members unless we explicitly say otherwise in the post. If you disagree on a matter of theology with a mod or admin you are welcome to present your case - the fact we moderate the board doesn't mean we have all the answers, and the mods don't agree on everything. In terms of enforcing the rules it's pretty simple, if a mod tells you to knock it off then knock it off.

    If you have an issue with a moderator please start a thread in the private discussion area which is Talk To A Moderator. Another moderator will look at your concerns and let you know what we're going to do about it. We're not perfect so if you consider a moderator action to be inappropriate let us know. You can start a thread in there if you want to talk to us about anything else too.

    Why not start your first thread and introduce yourself to the community? This area is the perfect place to do it!
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  2. TrustGzus

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    Cuss words, colorful language & dialect of a sailor

    The PCIM Bible Forum website is an outreach of River of Life Mission Church. As such, we want to respect our host. As this is a small, but growing forum, we have to work out some of the details. Please be patient with us as we work out these things.

    Recently, the forum leaders have discussed some of the colorful language that has occasionally been used that would change the rating of this forum if it was a television show or a movie in the theater. The forum leadership is requesting that when posting, rather than using such words, take a moment and think about if it really adds anything to your point that you are trying to make. Many times these words don’t even add anything of value to the thought being expressed. If it stands just fine without the words, great! If you think your statement needs a bigger emphasis, then we ask that you take a little more time and think of a better way to express what you are trying to say.

    Along with being sensitive to our host at the forum, we do want to be sensitive to those outside our forum that can read some of the discussions. Some Christians may not be offended. Others might be offended. We want to be sensitive to those who will not understand our members’ dynamics and also to how those outside the body of Christ will perceive what goes on here. We realize it's not possible to please everyone about everything, and we aren't overly concerned with pleasing men anyway. However, at the same time, we also don't want to be a stumbling block. We think this is something that would be better if limits were put in place on it.

    We don’t foresee any suspension of rights over issues like this unless a member is uncooperative in regard to this issue. The leadership will keep an eye out and clean up posts where we see these things happen. Please cooperate with us to make our jobs easier in regard to this matter.
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    Profile signatures:
    Please keep your profile signatures modest. ie., one small image with a link. Otherwise the board will get cluttered. We don't mind you plugging your site at all. We just need to keep the focus of the site on Christian Fellowship with few advertisements. Thanks for your help...
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