Turning Our Back on God

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    Turning our back on God
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    Exodus describes how the Children of Israel turned away from God time and time again. When Moses went up Sinai to get the 10 Commandments they turned their backs. Time and time again they doubted, and complained, and grumbled. And we, sanctimoniously say "How could they do that after all they had seen. And yet . . . and yet we do the same thing.

    Oh, I know what you are saying. We don't doubt God. But don't you? I know that I do. I do it when I'm having a problem and get mad that God doesn't seem to be answering it fast enough. Or when I want to do something that I think is for Him and He says no. Or when my plans and dreams don't happen the way I think they should and God says "I have a better plan for you," and I don't want to hear that.

    Now be honest, doesn't that also describe you as well. Isn't there some area, or areas, in your life that fits that description as well. But there is good news. God loves each of us. And just as He has never given up on the Children of Israel, in spite of them being a stubborn, stiff necked people, He will never give up on you, or me.

    Praise God for His love that never gives up.
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    Yeah, I know that I can say I occasionally get annoyed, angry, whatever, at God and kinda pout and "turn my back on God." Fortunately, I have the intelligence to say, "Ok, that's stupid. Enough is enough" and then get back on track.

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