Time for the colorful language to come to an end.

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    The leadership of the PCIM Forum has addressed language before and we think it is needed again.

    Remember this site is an outreach of a church. The leader/owner has said the following to us who are mods or admins. . .

    We will not make a list of words that can't be used. However, we'd like some principles and/or guidelines.

    Do we need to use word "X"? Often times, the word adds nothing.

    "That was d*** hard."

    Why not just leave the word out. That was hard! Or just use a different word since it's being used as an adjective with perfectly fine alternatives. That was really hard!

    You don't know who the audience is. Be sensitive to all types of people. You don't have to use these words so since you aren't forced, word it differently. Romans 14 comes to mind. Maybe a new believer cussed like a sailor and now feels convicted about it. Don't force him to deal with such words in a Christian context.

    While we can debate word X, Y or Z and if it is corrupt, it's pretty clear when communication is not corrupt. If in doubt if something is corrupt, don't use it!

    We all read paragraph after paragraph after paragraph in books and articles and other literature and can recognize loads of communication that is not corrupt. People can put a couple ounces of thought into their post and construct a post in which there is no question about whether what is said is corrupt or not. Everyone at this forum is intelligent enough to figure out another way to say what they want to say that could let their post be published anywhere and still get their point across with just as much force without any questionable wording. If you wouldn't want Grandma reading it or your 8-year-old saying it, then think a little more about how to say it.
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