The Unpardonable Sin

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by ProDeo, Oct 16, 2017.

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    For the love of Tod!
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    Well I don't believe in Tod or Tods, so ... I'm good then.
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    In theory, sure. Like I believe that in theory someone who blasphemed the Holy Spirit can repent. Difference, Hitler will be pardoned, the other guy not.

    Context demands that blasphemy against God and Jesus are pardonable, against the Holy Spirit it is not.

    And Mark (not Matt) said the exact reason - for they were saying, He has an unclean spirit.

    Since we don't have the originals, maybe it's a mistranslation or a scribe added his understanding to it. Wouldn't be the first time.
  5. RabbiKnife

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    I don't have a problem at all with the dea that blasphemy against the HS being unpardonable.

    I do have a problem with most current teaching about what blasphemy against the HS is and why it is unpardonable
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    The thing is, whatever YOU think “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” is, you’re going to get different answers from different people when they’re asked what THEY believe “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” is. I find it very telling that in Mark the “blasphemy” was revealed to be the Pharisees accusing Jesus of having an unclean spirit.
  7. ProDeo

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    In a nutshell, people are given a whole life to repent, they can turn to the Lord before their last breath and forgiven. Excluded from that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. The moment one does he is doomed, no forgiveness possible. Are we in agreement so far?
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    No, because that assumes a finite temporal element to BATHS.

    I don't think BATHS is a punctilliar act, and the text does not support that idea. In fact, both "speaks" and "blasphemes" are aortist subjective tense verbs, neither of which makes reference to a punctilliar event or an event that has a set beginning and is continuing. It is simply a verb form in Greek that denotes the kind of event, not the timing of an event. No one is doomed until they can no longer repent.

    IMINXTC Time Bandit

    Giving sight to a man born blind, per example, is nothing short of a demonstration of the power of the Creator.
    To even suggest that this is demonic power...?
    The utterance of a doomed, reprobate soul, imo.
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    Or of a mind that has not yet grappled with the metaphysical.
  11. ProDeo

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    Both Mark 3 and Matt 12 clearly state that BATHS = BATSWNBF.

    One of us needs new glasses ;)

    Secretly I am hoping that would be me, but....
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    You are assuming a definition of blasphemy that the text doesn't support.

    Your presupposition is shaping your understanding of what blasphemy means.

    IMINXTC Time Bandit

    Why, sure. The unchurched Gentile would have had an excuse.
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    Stalemate situation.
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    I might point to the explanation which I am quoting from site In a nutshell, their thrust is that we get punished when we continue to sin resisting the continual prompting of the Holy Spirit which will be telling us to stop. Here is the rather long quote
    Yes, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, is any sin that a person clings to by continually resisting the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. Keep in mind that there is not one specific sin that is unforgivable, such as lying, stealing or murder, but rather a perpetual hardening of the heart and willfully sinning against God and man (1 Timothy 4:2; Titus 1:15). In Acts 7:51, Stephen says the following to the Pharisees, "You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you.” In a nutshell the unpardonable sin is any sin that a person doesn’t want to give up, confess, or even ask forgiveness for and additionally doesn’t want to hear any more about it from the Holy Spirit.

    Any sin mankind wants pardon for is forgivable. However, if we turn our backs on the voice of the Holy Spirit we begin to silence His convictions and eventually we cannot hear His convicting power. This effectively blocks the working of God in our lives because we have reached a point where we are unable to respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit."

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