The I AM Abba

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    The I AM Abba

    When God called Moses back to Egypt to come
    To lead Israel from bondage to their promised home,
    Moses asked , “Who are you? What’s Your name?”
    “I AM that I AM. That’s the name God would claim”

    The always was and is will be
    The Holy God of Eternity
    He never started, will never end.
    Upon His presence we depend.

    Through wilderness and desert bleak
    From Sinai’s Mountain God did speak
    This covenant and pledge I make with you
    But obedience I am most surely due.

    Commands so hard no one can keep
    In our own power, the debt’s too steep.
    So then the Holy God stepped in
    With just the thing to cure man’s sin.

    God in flesh to earth came down
    Forgiveness and grace through Him abound
    In Jesus Christ who lived and died
    And now is at The I AM’s side

    For all who who repent and do believe
    Salvation’s grace they do receive.
    The veil ‘tween God and man is gone
    Through Jesus Christ the I AM’s Son.

    But greater still, the I AM’s heart
    A Father’s love He does impart
    A covenant new He now does bring
    Adoption by the King of Kings.

    Freedom from sin’s guilt and shame
    Taking on the Father’s name
    Protection, healing, provision He does send
    Abba I AM’s love will never end.
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