TBI and Football

Discussion in 'Sports and Gaming' started by Scooby_Snax, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. פNIʞƎƎS

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    Thanks. I aim to please.
    Though I do miss occasionally.
  2. ProDeo

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    I have tried to see it once, heard so much about the Super Bowl and I thought I was looking at the American version of rugby. And now probably have said something wrong.
  3. TrustGzus

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    Who was sometimes a soccer player in another country.
  4. BrianW

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    Ugg. Rugby is a rough sport and you have to be a tough cookie to play it. Injuries are common in American football too but I really think Rugby has it beat by a mile as far as being dangerous.
  5. ProDeo

    ProDeo What a day for a day dream

    Studies seems to imply that even soccer is not safe. As a teenager and young adult I played soccer and in the game there are situations you are supposed to play the ball with your head. And every time I did I felt somewhat dizzy as if everything in there needed some time to reorganize and so I started to avoid it. Guess (hope) I was an exception else I don't understand why soccer players do it.
  6. פNIʞƎƎS

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    Exactly my friend.
  7. BrianW

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    Well..no sport is completely safe. Any time you're using your body to engage in strenuous activity there is a chance of injury. The most soccer injuries I know of ( from a physical therapist I know ) are ones where people have torn acl's or other ligaments in their knees and ankles or have injured their lower backs.

    I've read of concussion worries in sports articles but all I really know about soccer is that it's become very popular in the states with the kids and a lot of schools. I've never played it or even watched a match.
  8. Cloudwalker

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    No only 2 and 1/2 years. Went at it all year until track season came around again and I decided I didn't want to run 2 miles again.
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