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    A Russian woman today candidly told me she feared death and was obviously searching for answers, as she is convinced of a destiny beyond the grave.
    (Amazing how these opportunities sometimes spring up without notice).
    She was quite taken with the truth that I have not feared death since believing on Christ at age 13, and, specifically, that He had died for my sin, thus granting me peace through faith.
    Was not able to spend enough time with her to get closure, but...

    Praying that she comes to rest in Christ.
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    Praying with you brother. That was a great opportunity.
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    Adding my prayers.
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  4. hisleast

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    What would "closure" have looked like?

    IMINXTC Time Bandit

    Simply having time to make sure the plan of salvation, and my experience of it, was fully articulated - perhaps someone else, further down the road will be able to more fully explain.

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