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    Yeah, he is not currently living in the house with his wife. He's staying in a camper at a mobile home park. No electricity. No running water. He comes inside the mobile home where his brother lives to shower, heat up food, etc. The problem is that his brother is who he often gets high with. He's also jobless now. He got fired because his boss says he stole several hundred dollars out of his wallet. He denies it. A bunch of us from church keep telling him he needs to go to rehab or something. He, of course, doesn't want to go. Tries to convince us he can quit on his own. It just sucks watching somebody spiraling out of control over something so stupid as a substance that he thinks he needs.
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    Yep, and he's nowhere NEAR ready to walk away since he's choosing to live with his enabler. Which every addict needs enablers. Nobody drugs in a vacuum. You know an addict is actually serious about recovery when they cut all ties with all their enablers and only surround themselves with people who are going to help them get sober. He already knows he can't quit on his own; he's too scared to quit and doesn't want to, so he's lying to himself and to you. The worst fear any addict has is to cut irrevocable ties with the object of his addiction. It's as much a psychological and emotional addiction as it is a physical one, if not far more so. A lot of addicts pick up drugging when they're in a major emotional hole in their life, in order to cope. The emotional aspect makes it so powerful to begin with. He will have to actually feel bad feelings in order to get sober, without having a quick fix for them, and your average addict is all about avoiding those at all cost.

    It's a Peter Pan syndrome, basically. They don't want to grow up, they don't want to deal with actual responsibility, they don't want to make the hard decisions and feel the bad feelings. They want to go back again and again and again to those moments in time when they don't have to worry about adulting and carry the weight of adult responsibility. So if that's his choice ... let him. Nothing you can do about it until he decides for himself to do whatever it takes to get sober, which means putting his big boy pants on and being a husband and father instead of abdicating his adult responsibilities and committing himself to chase after some drug that does nothing for him except help him escape. Turn him over to God and leave him there. Because unless God rattles his cage in a way that's going to actually set him on the right path, there's honestly nothing you can do. Focus your Christian brotherly/churchy efforts instead on his wife and children because they need all the help they can get since the husband and father they used to have is AWOL right now. And God does charge us with caring for the widows and orphans, first and foremost.

    Drug addiction is not stupid. It's immensely powerful. So powerful that many, many tens of thousands die every year. Don't underestimate it. Respect it for what it is, and do God's work in the middle of the hell that it actually is. Drug addiction is a very very self-driven and isolating experience. The true antidote to it is community.
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    Praying for Linda. May He richly bless her, and give her complete deliverance--
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