Ok to be offensive?

Discussion in 'Controversial' started by devilslayer365, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Kierkegaard

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    Remember where I said, 'depends on the context'?
  2. ProDeo

    ProDeo What a day for a day dream

    It's biblical to correct your brother, what me worry is your eagerness.
  3. devilslayer365

    devilslayer365 Wazzup?!

    Why is it wrong to be eager to tell somebody to quit being a jerk to me? Am I supposed to be ok with, or even enjoy, somebody being a jerk to me? If not, then why is it an issue that I want them to stop?
  4. ProDeo

    ProDeo What a day for a day dream

    Reading Jesus it seems to me the goal is to make it up, not to slam with Bible passages, or worse.
  5. TrustGzus

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    Aaron, I read comments like this and I see the Holy Spirit pointing out an area to be convicted about in your own behavior and you’re worried about the other guy’s behavior.

    A person is a jerk to you and you want to punch him in the face and your seem more concerned about his behavior rather than your “punch him the face” attitude.

    The other guy does need correction. That correction needs to come from someone that doesn’t have a reaction of wanting to punch him in the face....from someone that is calm and sees the behavior and can reason with him and not be tempted to brawl.

    You should be alarmed that “Hey LORD, after X number of years walking with you I still have this brawling attitude when someone treats me wrong.” It should drive you to your knees that you have that attitude. “I need you to change me, LORD. I need a brother to hold me accountable to change.”

    The Holy Spirt is pointing out your issue and you’re too busy talking back saying “What about him?!?!”
  6. devilslayer365

    devilslayer365 Wazzup?!

    Oh, I know my “wanting to punch them in the face attitude” isn’t exactly “Christ-like.” I never claimed it was. I’m not saying it’s “ok,” “right,” or “good.” I’m just saying it’s how I feel. Well, if God wants that to change in me why hasn’t He done something about it yet?
  7. פNIʞƎƎS

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    God can't change you unless you know there's something in you that needs to change, and you ask Him to change it, and desire that change, and work for that change. God doesn't use Pixie dust. He convicts us with His Holy Spirit. BUT, we have to be willing to listen to Him and obey Him.
  8. RabbiKnife

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    If I have relationship with them.

    Otherwise I have no reason to believe the are Christian.
  9. RabbiKnife

    RabbiKnife Open the pod bay door, please HAL.

  10. RabbiKnife

    RabbiKnife Open the pod bay door, please HAL.

    Why didn't God wipe your butt this morning is He wanted you cleaned up?
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  11. devilslayer365

    devilslayer365 Wazzup?!

  12. Scooby_Snax

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    When I feel like punching someone in the face it is usually some issue at play behind the most basic or obvious one.
    I say that even if I know someone is a bully-- manipulative, controlling, totally wrong in every way in relationship to me, or abusive in behavior, my wanting to punch their lights out has more to do with feeling powerless to change that person...deep down I know me punching them will only drop me down to a level I am tempted to go.

    The only other place is to look at me, even when obvious things are wrong with someone else. When I get that mad...they are controlling me. That is not good.

    Sometimes God will kick in with some wisdom when I ask..and when no one around you cares about a situation -- He still does. He still has something to offer.
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  13. hisleast

    hisleast FISHBEAT!

    I think there's a subtle difference between being rude/disrespectful and being offensive.
    Goodness knows "being offensive" is entirely too easy these days. In the West, "being offensive" can boil down to "talking while being a cis white male".
    So for offense there's culpability on the offended. Even with all the identity politics aside, Christianity has a short path to offense given its standards for morality. So trying to make that path any shorter is ... inadvisable (?)

    As for rudeness/disrespect... while there's plenty enough times in my life where I simply didn't care, there's a question of energy.
    Why would you utilize energy to purposely and specifically slight someone? You're certainly not gaining anything practical.
  14. devilslayer365

    devilslayer365 Wazzup?!

    Well, of course I should be civil when I tell somebody to stop being a jerk to me. I wasn’t saying that yelling, name calling, etc., is a good thing for me to do to them. That’s not going to accomplish anything constructive.

    However, I think you’re incorrect in saying we shouldn’t use the Bible when we make our case to others to stop being offensive. As Christians, we’re supposed to use the Bible as our guide. We’re not supposed to give our own opinion on what’s wrong and right. We’re supposed to use God’s opinion on what’s wrong and right and show that to people if we’re going to point out their behavior as being wrong.

    I know that I would respect another Christian that used the Bible to back them up when they told me I’m wrong about something. If they didn’t use the Bible but just told me how I’m wrong, I wouldn’t necessarily take them as seriously, as it’s just THEIR opinion they’re expressing. I’m not particularly interested in their opinion. I’m interested in God’s.
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  15. devilslayer365

    devilslayer365 Wazzup?!

    True, I suppose somebody’s definition of being “offensive” can vary greatly from person to person.

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