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Discussion in 'Board Suggestions and Comments' started by Timothy, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Timothy

    Timothy Administrator Staff Member

    Is that a form of OCD???
  2. teddyv

    teddyv The horse is in the barn. Staff Member

    Could be I suppose. He is a really smart guy, and he tended to think exceptional logical, almost computer like.
  3. Kierkegaard

    Kierkegaard Life is not a problem to be solved Staff Member

    Could be an Aspie... You should see how consistent the code I produce is, and what happens when I come across code that's not :S

    Parson, do you know how 'keywords and search engine placement' works on the platforms you mentioned, for example, (Like, a practical example? Since I'm doing 95% WordPress dev work I'm very familiar with the platform) I'm wondering if putting money into 'SEO' is worth it instead of putting it elsewhere, e.g., forum software / aesthetic.
  4. teddyv

    teddyv The horse is in the barn. Staff Member

    A possibility I suppose, but I think it's pretty mild, though that is based on my limited experience and knowledge of Asperger's (I know a few).
  5. Kierkegaard

    Kierkegaard Life is not a problem to be solved Staff Member

    Let's get him on the forum and ask!

    (I'm 'high functioning', so you wouldn't notice unless you wanted me to look at you in the face when we talked... or you saw me lining up things, or...)
  6. teddyv

    teddyv The horse is in the barn. Staff Member

    Being involved in a Christian forum is probably one of the last things he'd want to do.
  7. Kierkegaard

    Kierkegaard Life is not a problem to be solved Staff Member

    Me too, but here I am... Seriously (seriously).
  8. Timothy

    Timothy Administrator Staff Member

    WordPress is a decreasing mystery to me, but still a mystery. This is my first attempt using it as I've always just used static pages with embedded code, built my own meta tags and such.

    Are you talking about using a premium forum for ask the preacher? I did consider that originally but was advised there would be more flexibility with WP. I had been considering vbulletin for PCIM just recently...
  9. teddyv

    teddyv The horse is in the barn. Staff Member

    He is quite decidely not a Christian, and has little interest in it or even discussions along that vein (or any religious discussions). If he does, then he's kept it well hidden from me for the years I've worked with/for him - and that being on field projects, in the office, often just the two of us. I'm suspect he's got some Lutheran or Catholic in the family history, based on the heritage.
  10. tango

    tango ... and you shall live ... Staff Member

    I have to agree with this thought.

    We don't want to retain any sense of malice or unforgiveness towards "that other place" but many of us have had bad experiences there with assorted forms and scales of abuse. It's not going to help anyone to be sent to a forum that does nothing to rein in cult-like teaching and where -ahem- at least one of the senior staff ranks highly in a group that's regarded as a cult by many.
  11. TrustGzus

    TrustGzus Don't make me hangry Staff Member

    Well, that's news to me. Learn something every day.
  12. Liquid Tension

    Liquid Tension No, it's NOT a fish!!!

    Didn't know about the senior staff thing too, but last time I "visited" there, the vibe was definitely different, IMO.
  13. Kierkegaard

    Kierkegaard Life is not a problem to be solved Staff Member

    If you need help with anything WP related then send me a PM and I'm happy to help (especially if you were interesting in a... more robust theme).

    WP is good for your 'ask the preacher' site, if you're happy with it that is. I meant mostly the forum, as it's built with old(er) HTML and isn't responsive, so that's a negative tick on Google when searching on mobile devices (and that's significant), and so on.

    For the 'Ask a Preacher' site I think you'd help your SEO (without paying a dime) by going out and finding questions to answer that might have already been answered elsewhere (e.g. Carm, GotQuestions), and linking to those sites while providing your own thoughts. If you can build a network of links and associate yourself with the 'Christian questions and answer' part of the internet then you'll be golden, but I don't think you'll get there by paying an SEO company (at first).

    You big on the KJV, or at least use it regularly, right? There's a lot of room on the internet for someone who can demonstrate that KJVers aren't all insane, or disciples of Riplinger, etc.

    You're such a tease :}
  14. Timothy

    Timothy Administrator Staff Member

    Number 6, I just sent you a PM.
  15. Timothy

    Timothy Administrator Staff Member

    I believe I will seek out some of those questions you mentioned. As long as they are backlinked, I believe it'll be copacetic. We are definatly going to have to do something with PCIM to make it up to snuff. My vision is still there for what I'm wanting it to be with the Lord's permission.
  16. hisleast

    hisleast FISHBEAT!

    SEO is definitely not one of my things. Its rather similar to alchemy to me, requiring special initiation to understand a rule base that never stays the same.

    However, the last few years of my career have been on product design and deployment. I'm no guru, and I haven't built any billion dollar unicorns online... but I've designed applications that people use. In that world, elegance, utility, and obviousness of intent are king. That's why I say "know exactly what you want the site to do, and do only that, and do it with a high degree of polish".

    If the user experience is awesome, and the purpose of the site is obvious, that'll do more for you than the same amount of money spent on SEO.

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