Maybe tomorrow

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    Why didn't you come today?

    Started off down the driveway,
    Realized there is no longer a destination.
    Stopped to go back,
    But there was no one to return to.
    Angrily beat my fist until they were numb,
    Because there was no one to stop me and say,
    "It's okay as long as we have each other."
    Shouted out I love you!
    The wind returned an empty echo.
    Walked down the sidewalk.
    There's just one set of footsteps now.
    Crossing the street with hands in my pockets.
    They feel empty without her hand to hold.
    Walking through a doorway
    Knowing the room will be empty.
    As all the others have been since she's gone.
    Setting down just one cup of coffee
    Instead of two.
    Pacing the floor,
    To keep from sitting across from an empty chair.
    Why didn't I come today?
    I'm sorry, but yesterday overwhelmed today.
    Perhaps tomorrow.
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