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    Partner in every sense of the word.
    My other half in ways no other could,
    You held me as I cried when my dad died.
    Who will hold me now?
    Who’s shoulder will catch my tears?
    Who’s arms will wrap themselves around me?
    The pillow just doesn’t work.
    It’s not the same.
    I cry into it, and it catches the tears,
    But it only gets wet.
    It can’t comfort me like you did.
    My friends and family try,
    And I’m glad they do.
    Their prayers and support are often all that keep me going.
    They do try.
    But can they really understand?
    Can they really understand what it really means?
    Means to loose someone so close to you,
    And so much a part of you,
    That you read each other’s minds,
    Not just now and then,
    But constantly.
    Dear Lord, hold me close
    The others try to understand,
    In their limited way.
    You really do.

    _____ _____​
    ____David E. Cloud____​

     unpublished work David E. Cloud 2009
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    Ahh, free verse poetry. No better way to express the soul!
    Thank you David.

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