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    The next time you tell your spouse "I love you", make a subtle change.

    I love you is generic. To the far reaches. You may say to your neighbor, "I love you".

    If you're a close knit family, or even a close knit neighborhood, you may view it as,, common..

    Add just two words to the phrase.

    In and with.

    From the day you first realized that you just fell IN love WITH that person, you have been in love since.

    It will be a pleasant reminder that being "in love" is continual and never changing, but continually growing.

    So, sneak up behind them, or simply catch their eye from across the room.

    Hold them tightly and whisper,

    "I'm in love with you!"

    THAT'S, falling in love every day.
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    Excellent advice

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