In the Presence of Love

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    In the Presence of Love

    In the presence of love forgiveness is born,
    For when a sinner, guilt-ridden and worn,
    Repenting, kneels before the Cross of Christ,
    He who paid sin’s awful price,
    Eternity starts as Jesus imparts
    Salvation so free
    The freedom to Love,
    For God is Love.

    In the presence of Love joy does abound!
    Hoping on, we climb and never look down!
    Over sin and death we live, you see,
    In Jesus’ total victory.
    The battle is won, the conquering done
    By the power of Love.
    For God is Love

    In the presence of love, peace becomes real
    Every burden, sin, and sorrow we feel,
    Brought to the Comforter in prayer
    Our Savior, bore our every care!
    Healing begins-foes become friends.
    In the presence of love,
    For God is love.

    In the presence of love, Heaven we gain!
    No more tears over that
    Which once had brought pain!
    We’ll walk along the streets of gold,
    So grateful for the story told!
    Salvation flows free from God’s Throne
    There God is worshiped, God alone...
    And God will always be love!

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