How Do I Know God Exists?

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    How do I know God Exists? I would answer with two words. Two names actually. Walter James Cloud and Caroline Elizabeth Harrison Robbins Cloud. The first was my dad. The second is my wife. I say is even though she has been dead for several years because she is as much a part of my life as she was when she was alive.

    Both of these people were incredible gifts to me from a loving God who through them showed me how much He loved me. Dad and I were very close and when he died I didn’t know how I would get through it. But God lifted me up from the miry clay of grief, partly through the healing arms of my wife.

    To understand the rest you have to know a bit about Caroline and me. To say that we were not a normal couple would be a gross understatement of monumental proportions. After all how could we be “normal” considering when we got married I was 36 and she was 72? And right from the start we were so much a part of each other that we read each other’s minds, CONSTANTLY. Not a week went by, and hardly a day, when one of us didn’t say something that caused the other to respond “get out of my mind.” Caroline was my partner in every sense of the word. A lot of married couples refer to their spouses as “my other half.” Caroline really was.

    When Caroline died it was hell. How could it not be. And absolutely NOBODY could understand. How could they? They tried (and I’m glad they did). But I’ve never met anyone even close to our situation.

    So how do I know God is real? Simple I’ve been through HELL!!! More than once, in fact. And when I had sunk to the lowest pit of hell, and it was threatening to bury me forever, I looked over and found I was not alone. Christ was there to pick me up, and lift me out, and place me in my loving Fathers arms. And He held me in his arms, and cradled me to His chest. And He whispered in my ears that I was His child and He loved me more than I could possibly imagine.

    How do I know God is real? HOW COULD I NOT?

    David E. Cloud

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