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  1. פNIʞƎƎS

    פNIʞƎƎS Connoisseur of Memes Staff Member

    Just wanted to wish all my brethren and sisteren a Happy Friday.
    Have a wonderful weekend y'all.
  2. teddyv

    teddyv The horse is in the barn. Staff Member

    You too, Seeking!
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  3. Liquid Tension

    Liquid Tension No, it's NOT a fish!!!

    And to you too!!
  4. RabbiKnife

    RabbiKnife Open the pod bay door, please HAL.

    Movie day.
  5. Scooby_Snax

    Scooby_Snax Rut-Roh

    Traveled to an Art Museum and had lunch at a lovely restaurant today. I found the art museum interesting--
    The say Art imitates life-- ? (I made a mistake...it is life that is said to imitate art) But I am seeing the opposite?
    I understand history is important, especially viewed by a creative eye...many years later can create an impact.
    But...If what is popular at the time makes art appealing, then I have never been an artist, nor would ever be popular.
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  6. ProDeo

    ProDeo What a day for a day dream

    Enjoy your saturday.
  7. teddyv

    teddyv The horse is in the barn. Staff Member

    It was a good Friday until about 8:30 pm.
  8. Cloudwalker

    Cloudwalker The genuine, original, one and only Cloudwalker Staff Member

    Dress rehearsal today and performance tomorrow.

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