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    I grew up RC. My entire family is RC except for a small group of us that has abandoned it. I was sent to RC school through 8th grade. Been baptized, holy communion, confession and confirmation. Four of seven sacraments received before I left.

    I live in the Midwest which is heavily RC. Everywhere I have lived, the RC is the biggest church in town.

    I benefited much. I learned the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed inside and out there. I learned precisely who Jesus was: truly God, truly man. Educated Roman Catholics understand his person well. They do not understanding his work. Tetelestai is a concept they do not usually get. I learned the Trinity there. Again, I benefited much.

    I want to restate/re-emphasize, I realize Roman Catlholics believe we are saved by grace through faith in Christ.

    Key words: change "saved" to justified.

    Then speak of justification by:
    Faith alone
    Grace alone
    Christ alone
    according to
    The Scriptures alone
    To the
    Glory of God alone

    Faith, grace, Christ....they believe those things until you add "alone". "Alone" is the hang up. Sola. If you don't believe "sola", you aren't a Protestant.

    If I bring up sola, I don't think you'll get much agreement. But if you just say we're saved by grace through faith in Christ they'll agree all day long and we seem the same when we really aren't the same on grace, faith and Christ.

    All those quotes in the CCC, you'll see faith, grace and Christ. You won't see "alone" anywhere in there. You will see merit. I don't see merit in the NT. It's not the similarities that are the problem, it's the differences. Look at the comments on baptism in that section. Does that line up with the NT?
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    Nice synopsis.

    Can God sort out the sheep from the goats?

    I sure hope so, because there are days I'm a goaty sort of sheep.
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    Another council of Trent declared exactly what you've just said and stated that anyone teaching faith alone was to be anathema.
    Agree as well about "Sola." They regard Scripture, tradition and the Pope as equal - and it seems they think the Pope more than equal at times.

    So now I'm not exactly sure what we're disagreeing about. I was coming from a pure "Before we are born again" outlook. If you want to throw in everything the RCC teaches then obviously as a whole they are in the wrong.
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    Reports of my untimely death have been slightly exaggerated.
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    THAT, is wonderful news.
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    Just don't get too close to the gumbo...

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