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    Small Things

    For the past two years I've written of my experiences of love and relationship with Virginia.

    The motivation being to give heed to young couples, especially the young men, who are in love.

    The small (and sometimes, not so small) things that are often overlooked, or passed by without a thought. Usually because at the time, it feels such a natural part of it all.

    Touching, the sounds, smells and even the taste of love.

    Taking the little things for granted is one of the worse things that can happen in a relationship. Especially a marriage that you've purposely bonded yourself in.

    My hope for the young is to understand now and not wait for them to be mere memories and wishes.


    Each touch is a dance,

    Each sound a song.

    Each smell a confectionery,

    Each taste a feast.
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    The not as Young appreciate the reminders Tom. Thank you. 47 next month and married for 26 years this May. I need reminders like this myself. I’m grateful for you opening yourself to us in this way.
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    Thanks Tom. For the beautiful words.

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