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    I went to Rome several times and never saw them doing that. Go figure!
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    DaniH You're probably fine.

    I remember years ago being sick and languishing on my couch. I kept praying and saying "by His stripes I'm healed" (as if those are magic words ... they're not). To which God responded "If you're healed, why are you still on the couch?" I got up and felt better that instant, and was just fine after that. True story.

    God still heals. Without a doubt. But there are many times where He does not heal. We are all His, and it is as He wills, not as we will; the will of man can never force the will of God (although we do try). Now, I wouldn't recommend anyone actually packing up their mat and walking, unless Jesus commands them to, but action follows belief, so if you don't really believe something, then you won't actually put action behind it.

    Belief cannot be forced; we either believe something or we don't. I have *tried* my darndest to believe certain things I was taught as "truth" ... but when I put my behavior against what I was claiming to believe, I easily saw the discrepancy and had to admit that I just did not believe what I claimed, and my behavior proved it. And then accept the truth of that, let it go, and move on from it.

    I think I'm always going to live in that tension of "Lord I believe, help my unbelief," because God is always going to challenge me at my points of unbelief and fear, not to see what I'll do (He already knows), but to show me the truth about what I believe and what I don't believe, so I can either repent and take action, or discard and move on.
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    Depends how you define 'riot' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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