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    It turned out well. I will tweek the recipe some the next time around, but as simple as it was-- it motivates me.
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    On to hard boiled eggs. I have been consumed with making easy to peel hard boiled eggs.
    I read so many recipes/blogs/etc. My experimentation has lead me to find an egg that after cooked and refrigerated will peel so well , that I was able to crack the egg and peel off two halves in tact without any stuck on eggshells to rinse off! (Perfect halves not every time, it seems the cracking has something to with this but not sure how)

    1. Boil water.
    2. When it begins to boil (I have a ceramic stove top that does not adjust heat quickly) turn it to medium (6-7)
    3. Gently lower eggs into the water. Set timer for 14 minutes.
    3. Take off heat and let sit for another 1 or 2 minutes because you are usually too busy doing something else right when the timer goes off.
    4. Rinse eggs in the pan in cold water a couple minutes. Fill it up again, let sit and repeat until cool.
    5. Dry off and wrap in paper towels.
    6. Place in refrigerator overnight.
    7. Gently crack them around and about, peel (be amazed sometimes!) and eat them the next day.

    P.S. Only a few out of 4 dozen eggs were completely wasted over the course of two months in this experiment. If an egg can be peeled it can be eaten, even if it is just egg salad and not deviled eggs. The eggs used at last final answer were just bought from as old as that is. :p
    Nothing added to the water except for the desire for the eggs to come out as they did, not overcooked, (green ring tough weird chewy white) not under cooked (too soft white and too dark yellow center) and above all else, easy to peel.
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