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    Why do you weep child?

    I'm alone and I've lost my way.

    Many long years ago that was. I soon found my path.

    Ran like the wind I did. Chasing dreams, leaping, laughing, loving.

    Found true love, fathered children, chased and captured dreams.

    Woke this morning only to find that I have become that child again.

    I'm alone and I've lost my way.

    And I weep.

    Over the past two years, this has come back to me frequently. As intensely as the first time.

    I found comfort in one short verse. When I felt so very alone, there is One that truly understands the hurt.

    I'm never alone in these times.

    John 11, 11:35

    Jesus wept.
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    The forum poet is back.
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    How I missed thee Tom. And your wonderful words.
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