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    In the cold and damp I waited there
    Prepared to meet my fate.
    A cruel cross was waiting there
    Just outside the gate.

    It was early in the morning,
    The sun was barely up,
    When suddenly a cry I heard
    I knew my time was up.

    A mob had gathered somewhere near to where I lay
    And angry voices shouted
    And with fear I listened
    To what they had to say.

    I held my breath and listened
    As I heard them shout my name.
    I knew my time had come
    When I heard “On us will be the blame”

    “Barrabas” the voices hollered
    Then “Let him be crucified”
    And then “His blood be on us and our children”
    And I knew my life would end.

    And all at once I heard him
    And I knew he’d come for me.
    His heavy tread it echoed
    As he strolled along the way.

    The keys he held, they jangled,
    As to my cell he came.
    And when it clicked with in the lock
    My heart within me sunk.

    I thought that I was ready.
    I knew this day would come.
    But now its here I’m petrified
    At what I’m sure’s to come

    The hinges groaned while opening
    as the door comes slowly open.
    And the sullen guards just stand there
    To escort me to my doom.

    Without a word they turn
    And lead me down the hall.
    And when we reach the gateway
    He turns and says “Your free.”

    I must have stood there blinking
    Unable to believe my ear.
    Because with a growl he orders
    “Your free, get out of here.”

    “But why” I stammered
    As I withdrew a pace
    And with an evil grin he answered
    “The Nazarenes to take your place.”

    So away from there I ran
    I set a fiendish pace
    Like all the host of hell are after me,
    To drag me to their place.

    How long I ran and where
    I never can repeat.
    But when I came back to myself
    I stood at Calverys feet.

    It was there that I first saw him,
    The one who took my place.
    As He hung upon my cross
    I looked into His face.

    The beating He received was brutal.
    As I gazed upon his face
    He hardly seemed a man.
    That should have been my place.

    But it was His eyes that captured me,
    That look of love and grace.
    That look He had it haunted me
    and held me in my place.

    And there it was He captured me,
    That one who took my place
    The one whose every act was love,
    And every word was grace.

    _____ ____​
    ____David E. Cloud____​

    unpublished work copyright David Cloud 2000 used by permission
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    Great job sir.
  3. Cloudwalker

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    the idea was suggested to me by a radio preacher (I think Charles Swindall) who mentioned that where Barrabas was being held he could hear the shouts of the crowd but not what else was going on. So he could hear "crucify him," "his blood be on us and on our children," and the crowd shouting for him. Logical conclusion, he was going to the cross. Imagine his surprise when he is set free.

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