At what point did you start believing in religion?

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  1. At what point did you start believing in religion? Did you always have that religious insight, were you raised in a religious family, did you have a personal tragedy happen that turned you to believe in god, just curious what all your guys input was in this scenario, when did you start believing in religion?
  2. RabbiKnife

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    I was religious all my life.

    Fortunately, I eventually developed faith and a relationship with Jesus and left religion behind.
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  3. Kierkegaard

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    I have yet to. Religious practices are terribly important, sociologically speaking; and, utter nonsense for the most part.

    A Christian home, but not a religious one. Far from it.

    Personal tragedies - many; any that specifically turned me to belief in 'G'od? None.
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  5. hisleast

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    I was like... 5 or 6, and the church stuff made sense to my near infantile mind. I "made a commitment" and assumed that commitment was sound up until my 20's, when I started questioning. In my 30's I left the faith.
    To be honest, I don't feel much different.

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