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Discussion in 'Controversial' started by TrustGzus, Nov 3, 2017.

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    Bah, 3x as much over here, otherwise I would have replied only with 'ordered'.
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    I guess it looks interesting. I don't know a lot of the names other than Grudem, and I'm not well read enough around those folks to get a feel for where they may go with it. I hope it is not a series of strawman arguments about TE. I don't even know who the real leading figures in TE apologetics (if you will). I know there are enough issues that are not well reconciled and we will probably never have any satisfactory answer to, since the Bible does not supply us with all the information we need.

    Certainly I personally will not pretend to have a fully comprehensive systematic theology integrating biological evolution and astronomy and geology (and chemistry and physics and mathematics). My basic line is that the leading scientific theories are more or less correct or on the right track, and if they are wrong, will be corrected with additional research and testing (where possible). The philosophers and theologians will hopefully prevent the scientists from overstepping their bounds of expertise.
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