A Little Old Ladies Prayer

Discussion in 'Humor' started by The Parson, Jul 10, 2017.

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    There was a little ole widow that lived next door to an atheist. Every evening she would go out on her porch swing and talk to God. The neighbor wasn't a happy camper about this habit of hers and would yell over the hedges, "Hey lady quit talking to yourself. There is no God." The sweet lady ignored his jeers and always continued with her prayers.

    This habit continued for years until one day, the widows pension check was delayed. Down to her last few pennies, she decided to ask her Heavenly Father to help her out of this situation. As was her habit, she went out to the front porch and started talking to her Lord. She said: "Please Lord, you told me to rely on You for all things, and that's what I'm going to do. I need groceries for a few weeks until my pension check gets straightened out."

    Hearing this, the atheist started formulating an idea in his noggin. He thought "I'll go buy those groceries for her, set them on her porch, and when she comes out and thanks God, I'll jump out and let her know they weren't from God, they were from me. I'll prove to her there is no God." So he goes to the grocery store and buy's her a months worth of groceries, and sneaks them on her porch, knocks on the door, and runs to the bushes where he will spring his surprise.

    As the widow came out on the porch and see's her porch full of grocery bags, with joy on her face she raises her hands in praise and says: "Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and sending this bounty from your riches".

    The atheist jumps out and says: "Hey lady, God didn't give you those groceries, it was me!"

    She raises her hands again and with even more joy shouts: "Thank you Lord that you can even use the devil to supply your children!"
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    Where there is faith no proof is required. Where there is no faith no proof is possible.
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